Our Service
  • LPG End-to-End Logistics Service
  • Chemical storage and logistics service
  • Shipping Supporting Business
  • Hotel Tourism Business
  • Regional Service Center
  • Maritime Organization
  • Regional Service Center

    In charge of the company’s internal and external agency social insurance management services, including pension, medical, work-related injury, maternity, and unemployment insurance participation, payment, benefit issuance, annuity management, provident fund management, health check-ups, funeral expenses, pensions, etc.

    In charge of the management and service of retired personnel and internal retired personnel internally and externally represented by the company, including organizing condolences and collective activities for retired personnel, management of activities funds for retired personnel, and coordinating the development of retirement and internal resignation Party building work of the branch, letter and visit reception of retired people, hospitalization of retired people, and aftermath of death.


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