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    Management Improvement, Digital Transformation, and Culture Shaping|COSCO SHIPPING Investment Dalian Held the “Three Years” Activity Kick-off Meeting
    Date:2021-04-02 Number: Fonts:[ Big Middle Small ]

    To better propel the “1+2” industrial pattern, in accordance with the requirements of the Working Conference of COSCO SHIPPING Investment Dalian 2021 on the deployment of the “Management Improvement Year”, “Digital Transformation Year” and “Culture Shaping Year” activity, the company held the “Three Years” activity kick-off meeting on April 1.


    The Supervision Department, the Strategic Planning Department, and the Party’s Work Department respectively introduced the implementation plan of the “Three Years” activity.

    Zhu Maijin, chairman of the board and Party secretary of COSCO SHIPPING Investment Dalian, made a mobilization speech, elaborating how to correctly view the “Three Years” activity and the relationship between the “Three Years”.“Cultural shaping” is the guide, “management improvement” is the path, and “digital transformation” is the support, Zhu Maijin said.He pointed out that we should further build consensus, unify understanding, and focus on the company’s core businesses through “culture shaping”, “management improvement” and “digital transformation”, so as to better promote the company’s business development and lay a good foundation for the company to smoothly implement the “14th Five-year Plan”.

    Zhu Maijin also put forward three requirements on effectively carrying out the “Three Years” activity. First, insisting on the unity of top-level design and service businesses; second, pursuing the unity of parallel progress and organic integration; third, adhering to the unity of top-down actions and all-staff actions; fourth, focusing on the unity of effectiveness and talent development.

    Deputy general manager Shang Zuobin chaired the meeting and put forward three requirements. First, all departments, centers and units should attach great importance to the “Three Years” activity and strengthen organizational leadership, and all functional departments should reinforce coordination and make an overall plan to carry forward the activity;second, cadres at all levels should give full play to their leading role and fully arouse the initiative and enthusiasm of all staff members to participate in the activity;third, all departments should be problem-oriented and specify responsibilities to ensure that various measures areactually implemented withgood results and help the company achieve better and faster development.

    Company leaders, heads of all departments, centers and units, deputy responsible persons and assistants of all departments, as well as managers, deputy managers, commissioners and senior supervisors of all secondary departments attended the meeting.

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