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    Fu Gangfeng Went to COSCO SHIPPING Investment Dalian Co., Ltd. for Investigation and Guidance
    Date:2020-06-19 Number: Fonts:[ Big Middle Small ]


    On June 17, Fu Gangfeng, Director and General Manager of China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited, and Zhang Wei, Deputy General Manager, went to the company for investigation and guidance.


    Fu Gangfeng conveyed the concern of Xu Lirong, Chairman of the Group and Secretary of Party Committee for the company's transformation and development, and expressed sympathy for the hard work of the company's cadres and staff. He pointed out that, based in northeast China, COSCO SHIPPING Investment Dalian Co., Ltd. has a profound historical background and glorious tradition. In the regional company reform of the Group, it obeys the overall situation and undertakes the mission, making important contributions to the reform, development and stability of the Group. The good thinking and actual action of company's new leadership make it play a positive role in the management, and cadres and workers at all levels forge ahead, have the courage to work hard, embodies the good "spirit" of entrepreneurship. In particular, the company has achieved good results in the liquidation and closure of shipping management companies, the delivery of equity assets, the improvement of quality and efficiency, and the socialized transfer of retirees.

    Combined with the Group's strategic planning and the actual situation of the company, Fu Gangfeng put forward five hopes and requirements for the company's next transformation and development. First, focus on strategic positioning, analyze the market situation in depth, and recognize and give full play to the unique advantages. Based on the overall strategic layout of the Group, make the strategic positioning clear, especially carry out in-depth research on the operation and management of LPG industrial chain and hazardous chemical storage and logistics, so as to lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company. Second, focus on the operation and management of existing businesses, analyze LPG transportation, hotel management, hazardous chemical storage and logistics and other businesses from different angles and dimensions, and create stable cash flow. Third, give full play to the regional service function, undertake the important mission of enterprise social service and regional platform, strengthen coordination, and do a good job in the service work of the Group's resident units in Dalian. Fourth, do good jobs in safety work, in particular, make LPG transportation and hazardous chemical storage and logistics the top priority in safety work, balance the relationship between enterprise operation, green development and environmental protection responsibility, and give full play to the social responsibility and mission of central enterprises. Fifth, strengthen party building, promote reform through party building, and promote development through party building. Do a good job in thought guidance, take the direction and the overall situation into account and ensure implementation, so as to enhance the vitality of enterprises in an all-round way.

    During the investigation, Fu Gangfeng and Zhang Wei visited the cadres and staff accompanied by Zhu Maijin.


    On the afternoon of 18th, Fu Gangfeng inspected COSCO SHIPPING Dalian Supply Co., Ltd, and visited the hazardous chemical warehouse accompanied by Zhu Maijin, focusing on the safety and operation management of the hazardous chemical storage and logistics.

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