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    To Win the Future with Entrepreneurship
    COSCO SHIPPING Investment Dalian Held the “All-staff Entrepreneurship” Summary Meeting
    Date:2020-12-31 Number: Fonts:[ Big Middle Small ]

    To comprehensively summarize the company’s “All-staff Entrepreneurship” activity and enhance the initiative of all staff members, the company held the “All-staff Entrepreneurship” Summary Meeting on December 28 to comprehensively summarize the achievements of the activity and commend the entrepreneurial teams and the supporting teams.


    Zhu Maijin, chairman of the board and Party secretary of Investment Dalian, made a summary speech. He fully affirmed the achievements of the activity and the contributions that the entrepreneurial teams and the supporting teams made, reviewed the whole process of the “All-staff Entrepreneurship” activity, and shared his personal experience.


    Since the “All-staff Entrepreneurship” activity was launched, all employees have been actively practicing the “three aspects”, “four bases” and “six hopes” proposed at the mobilization meeting and the “four requirements” put forward at the symposium. They have showed high morale and accumulated valuable experience in the company’s transformation and development, Zhu Maijin said.

    Zhu Maijin stressed that “All-staff Entrepreneurship” is an activity involving all staff members, as the company’s development needs the active participation of every one. He also expressed the hope all people should cherish the hard-won situation, strive to make new achievements, and steadily move ahead along the company’s entrepreneurial road.

    Shang Zuobin, deputy general manager of Investment Dalian, read out the Decision on Commending the Activists in the “All-staff Entrepreneurship” Activity, and deputy general manager Yu Zhenhong presided over the meeting. Company leaders, entrepreneurial teams, and related personnel from different departments, centers and units attended the meeting.

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