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    COSCO SHIPPING Investment Dalian Conducted the Theory-discussing Meeting 2021 & the Party Committee Central Group Special Reading Class
    Date:2020-12-28 Number: Fonts:[ Big Middle Small ]

    On December 25, Investment Dalian conducted the Theory-discussing Meeting 2021 & the Party Committee Central Group Special Reading Class.


    Zhu Maijin, chairman of the board and Party secretary of Investment Dalian conveyed the main spirit of COSCO SHIPPING Group’s Theory-discussing Meeting 2021, and required all the departments, centers and units to strictly implement it based on their respective work in 2021.


    At the meeting, the Strategic Planning Department reported the company’s overall and specific arrangement of investment in 2021. The Operation Department reported the status analysis of the LPG industry, the operation and management mode of the LPG fleet and the key work orientation in 2021. The Finance Department reported how to transform its financial management function positioning, improve its financial operation ability, and energize the company to transform and develop. The HR Department reported the company’s work of deepening reform.


    Group discussion was adopted at the meeting. All participants had group discussions around such three themes as “how to improve working concepts based on the spirit of COSCO SHIPPING Group’s Theory-discussing Meeting 2021”, “how to promote the company’s strategic positioning with the current historical opportunity to realize high-quality development”, and “how to facilitate the company’s project investment, reform and innovation, LPG operation, and digital transformation”.

    Zhu Maijin made a summary speech. He affirmed the company’s work achievements in 2020, acknowledged the efforts that all employees made in 2020, and summarized the company’s work highlights in 2020. These achievements benefit from the thoughtful guidance and comprehensive support of the group Party committee and leaders, the far-reaching strategy of the company, and the down-to-earth attitude and self-improvement of all employees, he said.

    Zhu Maijin pointed out that the company’s overall goals in 2021 are mainly in three aspects: 1.efficiency: we will strive to achieve the company’s overall turnaround; 2. LPG businesses: we will expand the fleet to make it the largest LPG transportation fleet in China 3. chemical warehousing and logisticswe will develop Changxing Island Chemical Logistics Park into a benchmark enterprise in the chemical logistics industry and achieve the high standard of “intelligent storage, intelligent transportation, and intelligent safety”; 4. shipping services: we will strive to expand businesses beyond the group and promote the company’s high-quality transformation and development.

    Zhu Maijin also emphasized the company’s six key tasks in 2021: first, building a talent team that meets the development needs of the company; second, carrying out model innovation; third, optimizing and perfecting the management mechanism and management system; fourth, deepening reform; fifth, implementing digital transformation related work; sixth, establishing positive corporate culture.

    To accelerate intelligent construction and enable the company’s high-quality development, a special reading class centering on digital transformation was conducted at the meeting. It emphasized the significance of digital transformation to the company’s development, and pointed out how the company can solve problems in digital transformation to achieve innovative development.

    Shang Zuobin, deputy general manager of Investment Dalian, presided over the meeting. A total of more than 50 people attended the meeting, including company leaders, middle management and staff representatives.

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